Clone Grades Fails

Mismatches of alpha skills or their maximum level

The dev blogs First and Second Dev blog about alpha clones and their allowed skills/skill levels are not what is active on Tranquility. Since the first deployment of that feature to Singularity in October. Though reported here and later here and also in the German forums.
Skills and Levels on TQ (or not) that are different to the announcements are shown below.
typeID Skill Race Level Blogs Level Live
3323 Defender Missiles Alpha Caldari 1
3437 Drone Avionics Alpha Caldari 1
3323 Defender Missiles Alpha Gallente 1
3323 Defender Missiles Alpha Minmatar 1
3437 Drone Avionics Alpha Minmatar 1
3317 Trajectory Analysis Alpha Minmatar 4 3
3323 Defender Missiles Alpha Amarr 1
Last change: chaos (Build 1105290), Data source res:/staticdata/clonegrades.static